Are you looking for a budget-friendly, durable, and versatile floor or wall tile? Porcelain tile just may be the solution you’ve been searching for. Super-fine porcelain clay is fired at a high temperature to create a dense, tough, durable, and beautiful tile that is perfect for high-traffic areas and outdoor spaces. Porcelain tiles are available in a variety of finishes including textured to resemble natural stone, contemporary patterns, wood-look planks, and more.

Walk into our showroom, and you will find an array of shapes and colors of porcelain to choose from. Deciding where the tile will be placed will help you narrow down the size and style to use.

Porcelain is a diverse material and it’s as well suited for flooring as it is for backsplashes and walls. The following are unique textures and patterns available:

  • Wood Porcelain Patterns
  • Stone Porcelain Patterns
  • Concrete Porcelain Patterns
  • Cotto Porcelain Patterns
  • Metallic Porcelain Patterns
  • Subway Porcelain Patterns
  • Versailles Porcelain Patterns
  • Fabric Porcelain Patterns

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