Marble in sedimentary form begins as dolomite or limestone. It must then be subjected to very high pressure and heat. Marble contains calcium carbonate. Marble embodies classic elegance with the many shades of white and grey.

Marble is considered the luxurious classic of stone. However, there are several challenges you will have to face if marble is a must have in your space. Etching, stains, scratches, and maintenance all come with the stone. With the challenges of marble we do not recommend its use as a kitchen countertop. There are, however, many opportunities to bring the elegance of marble into your home.

Below are just a few top-of-mind ideas of when and where you could accent your home with the elegance of marble:

  • Marble backsplashes
  • Marble tiling
  • Marble dressing table covers
  • Marble benches
  • Marble bathroom veneer
  • Marble bathroom tiling
  • Marble fireplace surrounds
  • Marble coffee table tops

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